L’otto agosto è uscito il nuovo lavoro discografico di SistaSara, italo nigeriana, questa volta con la collaborazione della cantante italo senegalese Awa Fall. Due artiste carismatiche con voci molto interessanti sulla scena reggae attuale.

Di seguito il link per ascoltare “Believe in Yourself”


SistaSara & Awa Fall

A new music collaboration between two powerful Afro-European female artists: the young, charismatic and extremely talented Italian-Senegalese singer and songwriter Awa Fall, and the prolific Psychedelic Dub Reggae Italian-Nigerian music producer Sara Fuga, also known as SistaSara.
The B side of this single is a soulful, warm and steady dub version that will surely make you dance chasing the drums and the bass. Connect with the melodies, the motivational lyrics and the high frequency of this
powerful tune.

Out on Thursday 8th August 2019
Music by Sara Fuga
Lyrics & Vocals by Awa Fall
Produced by Sara Fuga
Mastered by The Analog Botanist
Released by Advaita Oneness Dub
Graphic by Sevejah / RitmoInLevare (SDS Graphic)

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