Fuori “Tenerife All Stars Vol. 1“, la raccolta delle migliori voci della musica reggae delle isole Canarie.

Otto artisti per cantare uniti la bellezza della propria terra.

L’album è prodotto da Dactah Chando con la Achinech Producions Label, con il supporto di Soulfire Artists.
Produzione musicale di Guido Craveiro, Toby Nambur e Dactah Chando.


Under the title Tenerife All Stars Vol.I, coming from the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands) we have this new compilation album, containing some of the most important singers of reggae music in the island. A compilation series which begin with this first volume 1.

This eight track record, produced by Achinech Productions has gathered the experience and freshness of the local reggae scene like: the interesting and harmonious musical gift of Abel Cordovez, militancy and protest words of Dadda Wanche, the versatile and top lyricist Guiyo, the mastery and experience of the great Ras Kuko, power and force of Lioness Den and the rhythm and fresh style of Kellah. Plus in the medley song you can have Dactah Chando, with his spirituality and melody, the raggamuffin “don” of the islands: Don Virgilio, the roots man melodies of Isaiah, and the soul touch of the jamaican resident SumeRR, all of them singing for oneness and brotherhood, the real spirit of music.!

There ́s no doubt that this album is about diversity and coming together for one cause: the making of this Tenerife All Stars, the beginning of many more projects, and the local and international recognition of the Canary Islands Reggae Scene.

This album is produced by Dactah Chando under Achinech Producions Label, with the support of Soulfire Artists.
Musical production by Guido Craveiro, Toby Nambur and Dactah Chando

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